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Heather Beaty is on faculty with the Vancouver Academy of Music where she is a devoted music teacher in a number of capacities. At VAM, Ms. Heather teaches Suzuki Flute group classes, private flute lessons, RCM Theory courses, and directs VAMSO's Junior Proteus Winds Ensemble.  Ms. Heather's students range from ages 5 to adult.

For class registration information, please contact the Vancouver Academy of Music's registrar at, call 604-734-2301 or you are welcome to be in touch with Ms. Heather directly.

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.
— Plato

Teaching Philosophy

Heather is passionate about music education and has a simple teaching philosophy that she practices. She believes in fostering individuality and creativity in a student's approach to learning music. Strength in music theory and ear training are essentials to building a strong foundation of musical skills, so Heather's lessons combine both traditional score reading and Suzuki ear training methods. She enjoys working with each of her students to gain an understanding of their personalities and interests before coming up with a student's long term performance goals. Heather is a dedicated and patient music teacher who loves watching her students grow from curious to confident performing artists!

Studio Policy

Weekly lessons are scheduled in adherence with the VAM academic calendar. If a student is away during the VAM academic term then the missed lesson will only be made up under special circumstances at the discretion of the teacher. If the teacher is absent for a performance or professional endeavour, every effort will be made by the teacher to make up the lesson, or the instructor will mark the missed lesson as a credited lesson and schedule it for a future date. If a student is ill on the day of the lesson, the lesson will be credited to a future date.

The Suzuki Method

The founder of the Suzuki Method Dr. Shinichi Suzuki developed a program of music instruction based on the idea that children can learn to play music as naturally and effectively as they learn to speak. Dr. Suzuki encouraged parents to attend their children's lessons and classes in order to ensure a strong musical development both at home and in the classroom. The Suzuki Method promotes the belief that every child is capable of a high level of musical achievement.

VAM is proud to currently support five Suzuki music departments. Ms. Heather is thrilled to be the Acting Department Head for the school's Suzuki Flute students.

I want to make good citizens. If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.
— Shinichi Suzuki

RCM Music Theory

Heather is on faculty with the Music Theory department of VAM and teaches Musicianship, Basic Rudiments and Intermediate Rudiments courses. All theory courses are Royal Conservatory of Music certified and use Glory St. Germain's Ultimate Music Theory textbooks. 

Musicianship: This course is for students new to music theory who need a basic music reading course. Musicianship features large print workbooks that cover sharps, flats, the grand staff, basic major scales, intervals, simple time signatures and basic terminology. This course is recommended for students in practical grades 2-3 on their instruments. Course is offered as a 14 week or 32 week course. More info.

Basic Rudiments: This course teaches basic elements of music notation including pitch, rhythm, scales, intervals, triads, transposition, analysis and terminology. It is recommended for students who are in grade 4-5 on their instruments. Students are encouraged to take the RCM Basic Rudiments exam once completing the course. The course is a 14 or 32 weeks. More info.

Intermediate Rudiments: This course is a continuation of Basic Rudiments and covers material in more depth and breadth. Students are recommended to be grade 5-7 on their practical instruments with a solid music reading proficiency. Intermediate Rudiments is a 14 or 32 week course. More info.

Private Theory Tutor: One-on-one 30 minute theory lessons covering RCM theory course content in preparation for exams or as supplemental course support. 12 or 32 weeks. Book tutoring.

Music Theory Exam Resources:

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